Hear what people are saying.

“When it comes to processing negative emotions, Joel changed my life. He used incredible insight and care as he led me to new discoveries about the stories I tell myself and how they are unnecessarily linked with some of my negative emotions. After each session I have been pleasantly surprised to notice a significant shift. “

Ryan Nicodemus

Co-Founder, The Minimalists

“I am an experienced coach and facilitator and have been steeped in the work for almost a decade, so it’s rare that I am held by someone in a personal process. Joel’s approach resonated with me, and allowed me to identify and resolve a deep belief system that was blocking access to my power. I felt safe and seen in his presence, and would absolutely recommend him.”

Azrya Bequer

Co-founding Steward, Kavana Retreats

“Spent 30 minutes with Joel and cannot speak highly enough about the experience. Everyone wanting to work on themselves should try his methods.”

Scott Leese

6x Sales Leader and Co-Founder, GTM United

“Joel’s great! He’s focused, professional, and deeply empathetic. I would recommend him to anyone open to doing deep, intentional work on oneself.”

Evan Griffiths

Sales Specialist

“Life-changing stuff! I feel lighter and more sure of myself whenever I’m out in public. I stand up straighter and walk with a purpose. Almost 0 anxiety!

Isabella Bonifasi

Copywriter and Content Creator

“Joel’s facilitation consistently changes me and my life in the best ways possible…. It’s not just coaching, but Joel actually has the ability to solve the core internal issues in my mind and emotions, so that there is a permanent shift. I can’t recommend him enough. :)”

Jackson Sullivan

Founder, The Gift

Jacqueline Wales

Founder, Transformational Strategies for Success

“….truly powerful stuff…a lot of people could really benefit from this.”

Isaac Harvey

President, Wheels and Wheelchairs

“I’ve been working with Joel for a number of weeks and it’s amazing. Beliefs that a few weeks ago had a whole lot of energy simply don’t drive the bus anymore. I find myself braver, having a stronger self-belief for sure, and an unwillingness to play small.”

Grace Rankin

Account Manager

Joel Bein is a force of change. His authenticity is refreshing….”

Kristina Schulz

Global Marketing Manager, Hogan Assessments

“Working with Joel has been a game changer. I have been able to completely shift how I think and it has improved my most important relationship (to self) but also my husband, family and how I show up at work.”

Jessica Kight

Regional Strategic Sales Director, Cvent

“Joel is the real deal. His Human Liberation system is a game-changer for eliminating the beliefs that are limiting your growth.”

Shane Jamison

High Performance Sales Coach