Yeah, this is different.


Perhaps you’ve tried or heard about lots of tools and approaches to personal development. Many of them are helpful.

But this is next level.

It’s revolutionary.
It’s the future.

Unlike therapy or mindset advice, we’re not talking about your problems or re-framing your problems. We are solving the root problem, fast and forever.

We don’t just manage or trim the weeds in your mental garden. We pluck them out, allowing that garden to flourish.

We do this by connecting to the parts of you that learned to make specific meaning of events in your past, forming beliefs about self and the world. These beliefs form the “resistance” that get in the way of experiencing and achieving what you desire in life.

By guiding your parts through a series of questions about the meaning you made of those events, we liberate the beliefs your parts have been holding onto for years and decades.

This immediately allows the unwanted feelings tied to such beliefs to evaporate, permanently and forever. Because beliefs cause our unchosen thoughts, emotions, and actions, when we remove the belief then we have pulled that “weed” from the root. This prevents the unwanted thoughts, emotions, and actions from occurring in the first place.


1) Deep down, you believe “clowns are scary.” So whenever you see a clown, you have involuntary, undesirable feelings.

2) We clear the belief with you (15-20 minutes).

3) The next time you see a clown, you no longer feel scared. You feel neutral (or even joy) instead.

These three steps can be applied to virtually any belief you can think of.

It’s a game-changer.

(You can learn more and watch this in action starting at minute 31:50 of the podcast below).

Hi, I’m Joel Bein, Founder of Human Liberation with a passion for personal growth and mental well-being. Having created hundreds of articles and podcasts on 21st-century creative mindset, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with thought leaders like Derek Sivers, Isaac Morehouse, Scott Leese, and Ryan Nicodemus, while helping thousands of people stamp out their own limitations.

I help ambitious entrepreneurs and growth-minded professionals permanently remove long-standing mental and emotional roadblocks, setting them free towards wholeness. With my guidance, you’ll “unlearn” what gets in the way at the root, to experience rapid, life-changing results.

When I’m not clearing mental blocks for people, you can find me in the mountains, recording podcasts, and conducting classical chamber music (just not at the same time). Looking forward to connecting with you and helping you unleash your inner freedom, authenticity, and aliveness.

“Working with Joel has been a game-changer. I have been able to completely shift how I think.”