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Ama La Vida exists to help you on your ongoing journey to become the person you want to be and to enjoy life to its fullest.

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Ashley Stahl

Figuring out what to do with your life? Or need help with Job Hunt, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Career Growth, Ashley Stahl is here for you. She helps passionate individuals step into a career they’re excited about.

Fun fact: She also has helped the Pentagon with award-winning counter-terrorism.

You can get a 1:1 with her, or be a part of one of her courses or workshops.

Know more about Ashley Stahl here.

Ashley Stahl featured on career hackers

Ken Coleman

You’ve had enough bluff, now you want some practical steps to make your dream job a reality.

Enter Ken Coleman, a top coach and author of books like “From Paycheck to Purpose” and “The Proximity Principle”.

Ken is a world class Ramsey coach, get help from him now!

Inspiring Careers

You deserve to be inspired by your work. It’s the most effective way to become “so good they can’t ignore you” and build a life & career on your own terms!

Discover where you belong most in the world of work, and learn how to sell your skills like a cold popsicle on a hot summer day.

Get a free career fulfillment consultation with Jérémy today.

The Remote Nomad

A master coach can skyrocket you to success. Kate Smith is that. She’s worked remotely since before it was vogue!

Learn from the best.

The remote nomad

The Remote Job Coach

Jordan Carroll is committed to helping people forge their paths and optimize for freedom and flexibility. He says,

“My alter ego #TheRemoteJobCoach is a result of helping others learn a proven system that enabled me to get hired to work remotely as a high performer, without the ‘traditional application process.'”  

Invest in coaching.

The remote job coach


A good coach does more than help you with the nuts and bolts of landing a job. They help you find your purpose, define your values, and cultivate your WHY.

Coaching4Good can do just that.

Learn how.

Pivot Journeys

“Emily Lamia founded Pivot Journeys in 2016 to provide professionals with the strategies and support they need to find meaningful work and to empower them to be inspired, engaged, and effective on the job.”

Well, ready to be inspired?

Get a great career coach.

Pivot journeys

Austin Belcak – Cultivated Culture

Don’t have that “traditional” experience? Don’t let that stop you from working in an exciting company!

Cultivated Culture is there to help you offer a wide variety of services, to get you land an exciting role, without even hitting the “apply” button!

Get started here!

The Marketing Help

Career coaching and mentoring for those seeking a career in marketing.

Participate in group coaching, or get exclusive one-on-one sessions. You decide what works best for you and get coached with at least 15 years of experience in marketing. The advice you receive is practical and experience-based, rather than being bookish theory from classrooms.  Also, take advantage of their network and get even more opportunities.  

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