Own your different

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

You are as unique as a fingerprint. Own your different!

The sooner you let go of the comparison game, the sooner you can live freely and fully.

Why not break some rules, my friend?*

–  email an employee to book a quick call to learn more about the company
–  shoot a video pitch, maybe of yourself doing a flip or shooting a half court shot or some sh*t
–  just show up and start working for free

*Actually, rules are an illusion. All of us humans are just trying to figure things out here on this spinning globe. Forget rules….just create value!

How to Learn Software Quickly

You can prove your ability to create value by:

1) Learning on your own  
2) Showing your work

No degree or certifications needed! Just prove it. Companies will be drooling over you.

Here’s How to Learn Software Quickly by the one and only Chuck Grimmett.

“Here’s my six-step process:

  1. Have a goal in mind
  2. Try it out
  3. Find the official docs
  4. Find the unofficial docs
  5. Phone a friend
  6. Write your own tutorials”

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