There are two ways you can write, and this is coming from a guy who literally teaches people How to Write – David Perell (Read the full article here)

You can write in two ways: Printer method & Pixel method

How does a printer prints a photo? Line by line, sequence by sequence. Similarly, you can write line by line, write and rewrite every line until it’s perfect. Nail the first sentence then move onto the second, make it perfect before moving onto the third.


You can write using the Pixel method. Instead of making every sentence perfect, you put all your ideas on paper — knowing that each one will eventually need to be refined. But instead of refining the sentence immediately after you write it, you wait until you have all your ideas on paper. Then, you rewrite each sentence until you’re happy with it.

David perell how to write on Career Hackers
credits: David Perell

A powerful phrase from the blog:

Most people who have Writer’s Block are using the Printer Method. With it, their standards for perfection are so high that their ideas can’t take shape, and eventually, they suffocate their own brilliance.

This techinque can be used in your job hunt as well. Instead of making a pitch perfect, make imperfect pitches. Then improve them as you go. You’ll accomplish much more, and have more chances of landing an interview! (and even a job!)

David Perell is a writer, podcast host and runs a school called Write of Passage, where he teaches methods for publishing quality content and distributing ideas to a professional network, leading to unexpected opportunities and increased serendipity in work and life.